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Condenser Liebig

Condensers - (SILGCL-001)

Condensers - (SILGCL-001)
(1)Condenser, AIR
Length (in mm) - 300, 450, 600.
(2)Condenser, Leibig Sealed Inner Tube
Length (in mm) - 100, 200, 300, 350, 400.
(3)Condensers, Bulb (Allihn)
Length (in mm) - 200, 300, 350, 400.
(4)Condensers, Coil
Length (in mm) - 200, 300, 400.
(5)Condensers, Davies (Double Surface) with I/C joint
Length (in mm) with Socket - 200 (B-19), 300(B-19), 400(B*19), 200(B-24),300(B-24), 400(B-24), 450(B-24),.
(6)Condenser, Thrope (Inland Revenue) 
Length (in mm)-200.
(7)Condensers, Hopkin (Reflux)
Length (in mm) - 300, 400, 300(B-19 or B-24), 400(B-19 or B-24).
(8)Condensers, Air with I/C joint
(9)Condensers, Air Vertical
(10)Condensers, Leibig with I/C joint
(11)Condensers, Leibig Vertical
(12)Condensers, Bulb(Allihn) with I/C joint
(13)Condensers, Allihn, Vertical
(14)Condensers, Coil (Graham) with I/C joint
(15) Condensers, Coil (Graham)
(16) Condensers, Coil Reversible
(17)Condensers, Jacketed Coil with I/C joint
(18)Condensers, Coiled Distillage with I/C Joint
(19)Condensers, Independent Double Coil
(20)Condensers, Combined Double Coil
(21)Condensers, Inland Revenue (Thorpe)
(22)Condensers, Ether
(23)Condensers, Vertical Distillate
(24)Condensers, Immersion (Cold Finger)
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