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Student Microscopes

Compound Student Microscope

Compound Student Microscope
a) Compound Student Microscope :- Same as above but designed as per H.S.A. (Olympus) with ‘A’ grade optics, in beautiful plywood box.
b) Compound Student Microscope :- Designed as per ‘LABO’ type supplied with two objective and two wide field eye pieces 10x & 15x.
c) Student Microscope :- Same as above but with rack and pinion motion to condenser.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SIMSM-002

Student Inclined Microscope

Student Inclined Microscope
  • Portable: Yes
  • Brand: Shambhavi
  • Eye pieces: 10x and 15x
  • Objective: 10x and 45x

Student inclined microscope :- with coarse & fine motion triple revolving nose piece, 360 degree revolving inclined tube, iris diaphragm with fixed condenser n. A. 120 complete with following optics in box. eye pieces 10x and 15x objective 10x and 45x

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SIMSM-005

Student Microscope

Student Microscope
a) Student microscope :- Like pentex Type supplied in card board box. Supplied with 10x objective & 10x eye piece focusable by rack & pinion. 
b) Student microscope :- (Mini) Model Single nose deluxe Model ¡®ERMA¡¯ Japan type very good finish in beautiful storing cabinet. Supplied with 10x objective & 10x eye piece. Total Magnification 100x. 
c) Student microscope :- Single nose Vertical monosulour body, height 400 mm inclinable adjustable to any angle upto 90¢ªfor projection. Fixed square stage 100x100mm disc diaphragm complete with eye piece, supplied in wooden box. 
d) Student microscope :- Specification. 1) Monocular vertical body inclinable at 90¢ª for projection. 2) Fixed square stage of 110 x 110 mm size with two slide holder clips. 3) Mechanical tube length 160 mm 4) Provided rack and pinion for coarse adjustment. 5) Fine adjustment by lever system with drums. 6) Tripple revolving nose piece. 7) illumination controlledy disc diaphragm with five different apertures. 8) Substage reflector of 500 mm dia adjustable at any angle. 9) Superb in finish and workmanship. Complete with a beautiful plywood polished cabinet. 
e) Student microscope :- Model same as above but with his iris diaphragm. 
f) Student microscope :- Model same as above but with iris diaphragm and with fixed Condensor Complete with Superior opties.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SIMSM-001

Medical Microscope

Medical Microscope
Medical Microscope :- With quadruple nose piece having very precise graduated slow motion reading to 0.002 mm and separate coarse motion knobs. Graduated mechanical stage. Tube Length 160mm, fixed eye piece tube, rack & pinion motion for abbe condenser N.A. 1.2 with iris diaphragm and filter holder. OPTICS; - Ach. Objectives :- 10x, 45x and 100x oil immersion. Huy Eye pieces 5x 10x or 15 (Any two)
i)  Complete with Indian optics.
ii)  Complete with two eye pieces and objectives 10 x & 45 x but without 100 x oil immersion. iii) With Indian optics & imported 100x oil immersion.
iv)  Spare Eye piece W.F. 10 x add extra.
v)  With Co-axial mechanical stage in place of detachable, add extra.
vi)  With graduated draw Tube, add extra.

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  • Item Code: SIMSM-004
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