Shambhavi Impex Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Testing Equipment

Industrial Balances

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Aggregate Impact Tester

Air Entertainment Meter


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Automatic Level

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Conductivity/ TDS/ Salinity Meter

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Mineral Jig

Abels Flash Point Apparatus

Agricultural Soil Testing Kit

Reynold's Apparatus

Francis Turbine Test Setup

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Model

Concrete Testing Kit

Blaine'S Air Permeability Apparaus

Electronics Equipments

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Aniline Point Apparatus

Box Sextant

Aggregate Jaw Crusher

Digital Photo Colorimeter

Discharge Over Notches Apparatus

Kaplan Turbine Test Setup

Hydraulic Bench Apparatus

Heating Equipment

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Camber Board

Bitumen Mixer

Bitumen Compactor

Cleaveland Flash Point & Fire Point Apparatus


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Dissolved Oxygen Meters/ Fluorometer/ Heamoglobin Meter

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Atterberg Limit Testing Kit

Venturimeter & Orificemeter Calibration Set-up

Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

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Benkelman Beam

Capping Set

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Dames And Moore Sampler


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Digital Altimeter

Flame Photometer

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Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Particle Size Analysis Testing Kit

Study of Pipe Fttting

Reciprocating Pump Test Setup

Cylindrical/ Bulk Density Measures

Bitumen/ Centrifuge Extractors

Compaction Factor Apparatus

Core Cutter

Meterology & Hydraulics

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Dumpy Level

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Melting Point Apparatus/ Bulk Density Apparatus

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Friction In Pipe Line Apparatus

Gear Pump Test Set-up


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Dial Guage

Electronic / Vernier Theodolite

Impact Of Jet On Vane Apparatus

Hydraulic Ram Test Setup

Density Basket

Deval Attrition Tester

Ductility Testing Apparatus

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Distillation Apparatus

Concrete Permeability Apparatus

Engineering Drawing Instruments

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Metacentric Height Apparatus

Industrial Ovens

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Concrete Test Hammer

Centrifuge Machines

Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus

pH Meters/ Potentiometers

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Ghat Tracer

Pitot Static Tube Set-up

Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Setup

Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine

Film Stripping Device

Extractor Frame Hydraulic

Curing Tank

Carbon Residue Apparatus

Global Positioning System

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Free And Force Vortex Apparatus

Flexure Testing Machine

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Fatigue Testing Machine

Hand Held Distance Meter

Orifice & Mouthpieces Apparatus

Material Testing Equipments

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Length Gauge

Flow Table

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Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method)

Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus

Levelling Staff / Cross Staff

Study Of Flow Measurement Device

Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine

Gauging Trowel

Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus

Measuring Chain / Measuring tape

Flow Over Weir or Open Channel Apparatus

Metal Measures

Core Drilling Machine (Motorised)

Gillmore Needle Apparatus

Infra Red Moisture Balance


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Optical Square

Bernouli's Theorem Apparatus

Pendulum Impact Tester

Hydraulic Jack

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Colony Counter/ KF Titrimeter/ Turbidity /Nephelometer

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Water Bath.

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Riffle Sample Divider

Jolting Apparatus

Drop Point of Grease Apparatus

Plane table with Accessories

Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus

Load Frames

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Orsat Gas Analysis


Spring Testing Machine

Laboratory Cement Autoclave

Moisture Tins

Lateral Pressure Assembly

Planetary Mixer for Soil Testing

Engler Viscometer Apparatus

Plumb Bob

Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

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Bitumen Asphalt Testing Equipment

Liquid Limit Device

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Tensile Testing Machines

Lateral Extensometer

Point Load Index Tester

Flow cup Viscometer

Ranging Rod

Torsion Testing Machine

Le Chatelier Flask & Moulds

Pore Pressure Apparatus

Saybolt Viscometer

Junkers Gas Calorimeter Apparatus

Survey Umbrella

Length Comparator

Marsh Cone

Tangent Clinometer

Longitudinal Compressometer

Softening Point App./ Ring & Ball Apparatus

Telescopic Alidade / Substance bar

Mortar Mixer

North Dakota Cone

Melting Point Apparatus

Total Station

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Permeability Apparatus

Mortar Penetrometer

Oil Testing Centrifuge


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Needle Vibrator

Plastic Limit Set

Pensky Marten Flash Point Apparatus

Pozzolana Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus

Redwood Viscometers

Cement Concrete Testing Equipment


Pocket Penetrometer

Ried Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus

Compression Testing Equipment

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Sand Absorption Cone And Tamper

Sampling Augers

Sampling Tubes

Sand Equivalent Apparatus

Shrinkage Bar Mould

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Smoke Point Apparatus

Slump Test Apparatus

Proctor Needles


Standard Spatula

Proving Rings

Straight Edge

Tamping Rod - Bar

Soil Testing Equipment

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Tile Abrasion Testing Machine

Tile Flexure Testing Machine

Pycnometers Bottles

Universal Testing Machine

Vee Bee Consistometer

Survey Testing Equipments

Vibrating Machine

Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment

Hydraulic Machines Lab Equipment

Hydraulic Bench With Accessories

Apparatus For Verification Of Clarkes Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem

Vibrating Table

Behaviour Of Column And Struts Apparatus

Vicat Needle Apparatus

Deflection Of Beam Apparatus

Standard Penetration Test Kit (SPT)

Sand Equivalent Shaker

Elastic Properties Of Deflected Beam apparatus

Tar Viscometer Apparatus

Shear Centre Apparatus

Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

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Suspension Bridge Apparatus

Redundant Joint Apparatus

Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus

Bending Moment And Shear Force Apparatus


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Industrial Autoclave

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Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus

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Industrial Centrifuges

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Sieve Shakers

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Industrial Heating Mantles

Industrial Hot Plates

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Industrial Humidity Cabinet

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Industrial Incubators

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Industrial Stirrer

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Soil Hydrometer

Industrial Water Still

Analytical Lab Equipment

Specific Gravity Bottle

Physics Equipment

Split Spoon Sampler

Biology Equipment

Swell Testing Apparatus

Laboratory Glassware

Vicksberg Renetrometer / Proving Ring Penetrometer

Test Sieves

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Triaxial Cell

Crushing- And Grinding1

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Ore Beneficiation1

Vane Shear Apparatus

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Agricultural Soil Test Kit

California Bearing Ratio Test

Atterberg Limit Test Kit

Volume Change Gauge

Particle Size Analysis

Water & Soil Analysis Kit

Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus

Advanced Research Microscopes

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Biological Lab Equipment

Distillation Apparatus1

Flotation Cell

Hydro Cyclone Separator

Kinematic Viscometer Bath

Laboratory Cyclo Mixer


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Pendulum Impact Tester1

Photomicrographic Equipment


Planetary Ball Mill

Student Microscopes

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Polishing Machine

Prism Pole Mini Prism System

Research Microscopes

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Polarising Microscopes

Projection Microscopes

Roll Crusher

Sand Pouring Cylinder

Shaking Machine Rotary

Vibrating Screen

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus

Asphalt Concrete Floor Saw

Basic Soil Testing Kit1


Borosilic Glass Bottle


Chromatography Apparatus

Concentrating Table

Condenser Liebig

Digital Viscometer

Disc Pelletiser

Dissection Microscopes

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Industrial Water Bath

Load Truss

Survey Testing Equipment

Vacuum Rotary Film Evaporator

Victor Mayer Apparatus

Civil Engineering Equipment

Educational Laboratory Equipment

Mechanical Engineering Equipment

Mining Metallurgy Equipments

Structural and Applied Mechanics Lab

Combo Offer

Laboratory Equipment

Pug Mill for Grinding Lime Mortar

Rock Cutting Machine

Chemistry Equipment

Basic Soil Testing Kit

Industrial Furnaces

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Measuring Cylinder


Pinned Joint Model

Porcelain Ware

Portal Frame Apparatus

Recovery Assemblies

Screening and Classification1


Torsion of Rods Apparatus

New Items

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