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Hydraulic Bench Apparatus

Hydraulic Bench Apparatus - (SIMHBA-01)

Hydraulic Bench Apparatus - (SIMHBA-01)
OBJECTIVE : To conduct the experiment of hydraulic bench, with separate experiential set ups i.e. Hydrostatic Pressure, Flow over Weirs. Bernoulli's Theorem, Flow meter Demonstration. Impact of jet and Orifice Discharge etc. which are accessories of the Hydraulic Bench. 
DESCRIPTION OF APPARATUS: The set up is a self-contained, water recirculation unit provided with a top tray, sump tank and a measuring tank. Drain valve and over-flow are provided on the sump tank. A centrifugal pump is fitted tor water circulation. Flow control valve and bypass valve is fitted in water line to conduct the experiment at different flow rates. Flow rate of water is measured with the help of measuring tank and stop watch. Measuring tank is provided to measure the discharge. Drain valve is provided in the measuring tank to empty water in sump tank after measuring discharge. Separate level indicator and scale is provided to read the level of water in the measuring tank. 
RANGE OF EXPERIMENTS: Following experimenta can be carried out with common basic table with separate experimental setup (supplied at extra cost>, which can be connected to Hydraulic Bench with flexible pipe.
  • Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
  • Orifice and Mouth Piece Apparatus
  • Flow measurement by Venturimeter and Orificemeter
  • Losses due to Friction in Pipe Lines
  • Losses in Pipe fitting and Pipe Bends
  • Reynold's Number study
  • Flow over notches
  • Impact of Jet on Vanes Pi tot Static Tube

Salient Features
  • Top Tray : 1060 mm x 650 mm.
  • Pump : 1 HP
  • Flow Measurement : Using measuring Tank {Material SS}
  • Tank Capacity : 40 Ltr.
  • Sump Tank : Capacity 120 Ltr. Material SS.
  • The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality powder coating painted structure.
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