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Distillation Apparatus

Distillation Apparatus - Single - (SICBDA-01)

Distillation Apparatus - Single - (SICBDA-01)
Models Available are
a)Distillation Apparatus 1)R.B.Flask with side tube 500 ml 2)Coil condenser 3)Stopper 
b)Ammonia Distillation Assembly1)Kjeldhal flask 500 ml 2)Splash head 3)Coil condenser 
c)Distillation Apparatus, Compact 1)Conical flsk 1000 ml 2)Friendrich Condenser 
d)Distillation Apparatus with Friendrich Condenser 1)R.B. Flask with side tube 2000 ml 2) Friendrich Condenser 3)Stopper e)Distillation Assemblies Similar to Quickfit1) R.B. Flask 2000 ml 2)Splash head 3)Double surface condenser, 200mm 4)Receiver adapter 5)Separating Funnel 6)Recovery bend 
f)Preparation Assembly Similar to Quickfit1) R.B. Flask 2000 ml 2)Still head 3)Thermometer 4)Leibig condenser, 5)Receiver adapter 
g)Vacuum Distillation Assemblies, similar to Quickfit1)R.B. flask 100 ml 2)Recovery bend 3)Jacketed coil condenser, 4)Receiver adapter, bent with vent
h)Kjeldhal Distillation Assemblies 1)R.B.Flask 1000ml/ Kjeldhal flask 800ml
2)Multiple adapter two necks 3)Splash head vertical 4)Leibig condenser 5)Receiver adapter 6)Tap funnel
i)Steam Distillation Assemblies
1)R.B.Flask two necks-500ml 2)Splash head 3) Leibig condenser 4)Receiver adapter 5)Air Leak tube
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